The Subsidiary of Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. in America

Cemented Carbides

Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd
is a large scale enterprise engaged in the production of cemented carbides and tungsten and molybdenum formulated products, owning a complete production system from the smelting of ores of tungsten and molybeenum to the production of cemented Carbides and tungsten and molybdenum formulated products, the value-added products and attached tools.

The main four serial products cover cemented carbides, tungsten and molybdenum formulated products, powders and finished tools, which are widely used in the the field of mechanics, steel, metallurgy, mines, geology prospecting, electronics, aerospace, and well sold over 40 countries in Europe, America, etc. The annual import and export value amounts to over 50 million U.S. dollars.

By adopting paraffine process popular in the field of cemented carbide production, the grade powder has a good quality constance. Looking very good by appearance, the resultant cemented carbide product is of constant performance with very small fluctuation. Being equipped with four sets of spray drying plant state-of-the-art in the world, the center has an annual output capacity of 4000 tons. The grade powder produced by advanced spray drying technology has many advantages such as good spherical morphology, homogenous particle size, stable apparent density, good flowability and minimum residual moisture. It’s easy to be precisely pressed. Because the resultant pressed parts are of high accuracy in unit weight and dimensions, the powder is the ideal material for making first-class cemented carbide products.

Quality assurance system (ISO9001-2000) has been certificed by IQNET, SSFOF U.K., STC in China and ISO14001 environment.